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                                           Jim Zeller will present his guitarist Joe Jammer

                                                      by Jean Doyon, with excerpts from "The Voice Journal" - Hélène Goule

A show not to miss next Saturday April 3rd 21:00 Cabaret St. Cyril, while harmonica Jim Zeller, the darling of the cabaret, will present his fourth album "Cut to the chase" which will be released inweeks.

Always a bit of a ham, Jim Zeller announces at the outset that the songs are in English. It is true that I sing in English - this is my language, although I am Quebecois - but I play harmonica in French! he joked. If the musical based on the album, it's still blues-rock, Jim Zeller believes, however, that this fourth album is very eclectic. It is relatively recent compositions - for two years - the arrangements are varied a bit of reggae, folk to Van Morrison, jazz ... But the roots are still blues, repeat it.

Considered a showman, Jim Zeller however confess love to the studio. To the studio, it's like painting with sound. I am very comfortable in the studio. It is a laboratory to develop musical ideas. He hopes to export this fourth album in the United States, saying well supported by his co-producer Eric Ranzen Hofer, whose openness is greatly appreciated, he has specified. He believed in my artistic judgment and does not require me to make trade concessions.

But it will brew this famous scene from Cabaret du St-Cyrille, as Jim Zeller will bring with her ​​guitarist and old "friend" Joe Jammer , very well-known Quebec artists colony, having played among others alongside Robert Charlebois.   guitarist Chicago, which was in its infancy "roadie" for Jimi Hendrix and Led Zeppelin, this is also Jimmy Page who gave him the name "Jammer" was later accompanied Supertramp, The Who, Julien Clerc and a multitude of arts and known worldwide groups.

A personal anecdote. There is a good twenty years, when I was a career in music in the beautiful city of Montreal, it was a question at some point, to initiate a second guitarist to add to the Alaska training.   A name was released . hat our manager at the time and it was some Joe Jammer   It would have made ​​a special appeal on stage since in addition to being talented, Jammer was 6 feet 4 1/2 inches - which would have framed with another guitarist - and he was extremely fiery spectacle.   But our hopes were quickly disappeared when he was seen in the"Musician" magazine in 1983, with Robert Charlebois.

Jammer is very friendly - it's a bit like David Lee Roth former lead singer of Van Halen - and the question whether it was still fiery onstage Jammer replied: "Yes, but just a little older and a bit heavier! "Joe said he had met Jim Zeller there very long at Studio" Bobinason "of Montreal and became roommates, and indeed they had all participated in the filming of a small musical film "Locomotive Blues". After many years and hundreds of shows, even if Jammer has always had a foothold and a love for Montreal, Jammer turned 8 years in Chicago, returning in May 2003, his old friends again and found "Joe Jammer Montreal Guitar School ".

On the stage of St. Cyril Jim Zeller will be accompanied on guitar by Joe Jammer, bass Marc Deschênes and battery by Stan Deguire.   And most (lfun) is that this show will be a preview the new album Zeller since 4th CD emerge from 2 to 4 weeks after the famous concert of St. Cyril.

So, Saturday, April 3 21:00 at the Cabaret du Saint-Cyrille

Jean Doyon Copyright © 2000-2004 - SorelTracy Magazine - All rights reserved.


Photographs in link below by Marc Derome

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