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                   Joe Jammer's Music Marines

                             WANT YOU!

         Learn from the best, who's played with the best!

Intensive Guitar Workshop for lead or bass guitar


Beginners, Novices or Advanced


Competitive Rates


Reading, Writing and Theory


Learn how to play Rock'n Roll, Blues, Funk


Call 0208 2866538 or 07958275546



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Some of the Student's Feedback

" Joe is a marvelous Teacher. Very disaplined but fun and has taught me a great deal. He's a real life character and one hell of a guitarst"



" I've been having lessons with Joe for a few months now and I have progressed a lot. The added bonus is that he teaches how to read music so it's not just about playing guitar"



I've been playing the guitar and bass guitar semi professionally for 30 years mainly in the rock/ funk style of music, about 4 years ago Joe moved to the uk to live and work which is where I first met him and auditioned for his band. I feel we work very well together no 2 gigs are the same I've learnt the set the way Joe likes to perform it and learnt some interesting songs ' Joe Style' with Joe's unique arrangements ...We perform in a variety of places and regularly work at weekends. Every gig is something to look forward to.



I have learned, and continue to learn so much from Joe, he helped me get accepted into The Brit School of Music where I have grown massively in confidence and am doing things I have always dreamed of doing. Joe is disaplined, knowledgable and a lot of fun and his experience is second to none.

Thanks Joe!


Joe has been teaching guitar for over 30 years, first of all in Chicago & Montreal & now in the U.K.


He takes this part of his work very seriously and has over 50 years of experience to pass on to his students.


Even though Joe is a very disaplined teacher, his comical character also makes it fun!


As part of the course, he invites his students to his shows where they can watch what practice and dedication can achieve.


His students at his new school 'The Music Marines' have progressed well and with Joe's help and advice one young student has been accepted in the Brit School of Performing Arts and Technology, has started gigging and will soon be playing at Ronnie Scotts.


If you are serious about your music and determined to become a great guitarist then Joe's the man to help you!


Joe will help enable you to become, not just another guitarist but a PAID performer.

...Although, playing like Joe with your teeth or behind your head comes later!

Strive with Joe to have a C.V like his!


Check out Joe's 2014 Gig List and come and see him in action......then tell me you don't want to play like him!


What can Joe Jammer do for you?

“I have been taking lessons with Joe for almost a year now. Being an older person who’s been around music for many years (trumpet, guitar, bass), I have taken lessons from many people, so I think I can bring a more mature perspective to a commentary regarding my bass lessons with Joe. Besides Joe having a thorough knowledge of music, both theoretical and practical, lessons with Joe have some unique and highly beneficial features. First and foremost is use of structured lesson plans based on identified goals. Goal setting is vitally important because it lets the student see and understand how each lesson fits into the big picture, and the student readily can judge, take pride and be motivated by his progress towards established and achievable objectives. Lessons are written down in the students lesson book for ready guidance and review from week to week. Second each lesson is divided into 3 or 4 bite sized sections. These might be exercises for finger dexterity, or scale exercises, or speed drills, or transcribing a song. Its all part of the plan and fits into the big picture…the wall as I call it.Third, each lesson starts with the student playing the assignment from the last lesson. Many instructors will teach something new each week without reviewing the progress of what was taught last week. Joe’s lesson plans are like bricks in a wall. Each lesson plan is designed so that the student learns what he needs to master in order to build the next section of the wall, and not just put pieces of the wall here and there. Its no good to carry on teaching the making of new bricks, when the last brick was faulty. By reviewing the previous assignment, the student and Joe can see if a lesson has been mastered or, if not, where more work is needed on a particular section of the wall. Finally, as will be noted from Joe’s story, with over 50 years of playing music as a top rated guitarist and vocalist, Joe being the voluble person that he is, a wealth of musicology, tricks of the trade, stories, and performance related knowledge comes with the package. You just can’t do better than Joe Jammer if you really want to learn guitar and are willing to make the commitment to work and achieve your dreams.”

I have been getting lessons from Joe for over a year. Beforehand I was playing Classical Guitar, now Joe has taught me how to play Blues and Rock 'n Roll opening up a whole new world of music to me. I now know how to improvise and am enjoying the transition from Acoustic Guitar to Electric. 

Using the instruction  Joe has given me I am now able to figure out a song by watching someone play.

As an experienced song writer, Joe has taught me how to arrange songs to have the most effect for the listener.

I am very grateful to Joe for all he has taught me and for his help in developing new techniques and boosting my confidence to try new things.



Lessons with Joe are not only fun but intense and disiplined. He has so much knowledge and experience and you learn so much. Joe has lots of good advice and patience.

He takes his time with you and demands dedication.

He is so different from other tutors you look forward to goiing to see him.

I wouldn't want to be taught by anyone else



"A weird spin of fate brought Joe the Jammer and I together about 8 months ago and what a blessing that was!

I have learnt an incredible amount of knowledge and skills with the guitar and general musicianship within the short time of being Joe’s student. His lesson’s are structured and purposeful. Joe ensures previous learning has been mastered before moving on to next steps and caters his lessons to meet the needs of his student. He covers ‘all bases’ in terms of practical knowledge and theory from old school blues and jazz, to more modern acoustic. Joe is patient, understanding and fair. It is obvious that he is sharing his wealth of knowledge for the benefit of the recipient. He commits a great amount of energy and time to not only myself but to all of his students. He does everything he can to ensure his student’s ambitions are being achieved. I never leave Joe’s Music Marines without gaining new knowledge and skills to add to my own. Joe is a true gem!"




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