Bud Monaco, Founder of Sopro Music

Sopro Music’s Annual Thanksgiving and Easter Parade Blues Revue’s History

                                             by: Bud Monaco / December, 2013


Sopro Music’s Blues Revue shows were originally designed in the finest tradition of America’s legendary entertainer and performer, Cab Calloway and his Big Band and Jazz Show Revues of the 1930’s and 1940’s. Sopro Music’s, unique Blues Revue presentations, are a one of a kind Blues Revues, showcased in a three hour Concert Event. Sopro began its Blues Revue Events back in the early 1980’s with its first Thanksgiving Blues Revue Show at Pip’s Night Club in Burbank, IL. This first Blues Revue featured, ‘Chicago’s Hidden Harmonica Treasure’ Jody Noa, ‘The Chi-Town Boogie Man’ Casey Jones, ‘Chicago’s Legendary Blues Performer and Entertainer’ Lefty Dizz, ‘Chicago’s Dynamic Horn Section’ Bill McFarland and The Chicago Horns, and a host of other great Blues musicians. Past performers on Sopro’s Blues Revues include, Jody Noa, Lefty Dizz, Casey Jones, Junior Wells, Mike Gibb, Steve Ditzel, John Primer, Golden ‘Big’ Wheeler, Carlos Johnson, George Baze, John Watkins, Robert Stroger, Peaches Staten, Barbara LeShoure, Leontine DuPree, Bea ‘Bellinia’ Brady, Vic Herold, Pat Doody, Sonny Seals, Jerry Frank, Shay Jones, Joe Jammer, Ron Michaels, Motor City Josh Ford, Tony ‘Cash’ Caccitolo, and Malachi Thompson, to name some of the most famous Blues performers and entertainers. Some of the venues Sopro’s Blues Revue shows have performed in are, Pip’s Night Club, The Showcase Night Club, Buddy Guy’s Legends Night Club, The China Club, Lucky’s Night Club, J.D. Batts Night Club, Tommy’s Place Night Club, The Voodoo Lounge, Chicago Heights Fourth Of July Festival, and The St. Luke’s Hospital Benefit for The Children’s Brain Surgery Center in Glenview, IL, just to name a few. Sopro Music Promoters, Bud Monaco and Red Rose, began the Blues Revue shows on a balmy, Thanksgiving week, November back in 1982, by inviting some of Chicago’s greatest Blues performers to join in and perform with Jody Noa and The Sho’ Nuff Blues Band’s performance promoted and produced by Sopro Music. The show was such a great hit, and with the full house of Blues fans in attendance that enjoyed the show, Bud and Red continued the tradition right up to the present time. Sopro Music’s Annual Thanksgiving and Easter Parade Blues Revues, respectfully running for 31 and 26 years annually, presently showcase the outstanding performers listed below, and continue to feature the best of Chicago’s traditional and original Blues. Guitarist and Vocalist, ‘The Tattooed Blues Cowboy,’ Joey Drada. Bass Guitarist, ‘The Mid-west’s Blues Bass Boss,’ John Falstrom. Drummer, ‘Chicago’s Top Blues Drum Kick,’ Scott Bonshire. Keyboardist, ‘The Mid-west’s Number One Blues Ivory 88’s Man,’ Greg Wolfman. Guitarist and Vocalist, ‘Chicago’s Own King Of The Blues,’ Billy King. Guitarist and Vocalist, ‘Chicago’s South Suburban Guitar Prince,’ Frank Anastos. Vocalist, ‘Chicago’s Soul Stirring Leading Lady Of The Blues,’ Deb Seitz.

Vocalist, ‘Chicago’s Own Angelic Voice Queen,’ France Marie. Vocalist, ‘Chicago’s New Queen Of The Blues,’ Peaches Staten. The Nationally Renowned Blues Brass, ‘Bill McFarland and The Chicago Horns.’ Featuring: ‘The Trombone King Of The Nation,’ Bill McFarland; ‘The Saxophone Sensation Of The Nation,’ Hank Ford. ‘The Mid-west’s Trumpet Titan,’ Kenny Anderson. ‘The South Side’s Favorite Saxophone Son,’ Tony Ferraro. Harmonica & Vocalist, ‘Detroit’s Blues Harmonica Dominator,’ Doug Lee.

Bud and Red have also previously added a special performance during Deb Seitz’s show segment, featuring Deb and vocalist, France Marie, as they performed Sopro Music’s/Sopro Record’s “Be My Baby Medley” from Sopro Records “Mack Project.” This medley featured and honored the greatest girl groups and golden voices of the late 50’s and early 60’s. The honored vocalists for the “Be My Baby Medley” are as follows; RONNIE SPECTOR & THE RONETTS DOLORES BROOKS & THE CRYSTALS MARTHA REEVES & THE VANDELLAS MARY ANN THOMAS & THE AD LIBS SHIRLEY OWENS & THE SHIRELLES JUDY CRAIG & THE CHIFFONS PEGGY SANTIGLIA & THE ANGELS MARY WEISS & THE SHANGRI-LAS *WE HAVE SINCERELY HONORED THESE GREAT VOCALISTS & THEIR MUSIC'S ORIGINAL INTENTIONS, WITH OUR OWN VISIONS AND IDEAS, ONLY TO CREATE NEW POSSIBILITIES.* Sopro Music would like to thank all the great Blues performers, the venue owners and managers, all the production support crews, and, most of all, all the wonderful and outstanding Blues Fans, who have helped to make Sopro Music’s Blues Revue Concert Events a success over the past 31 years. Here’s a toast to the best of all the great Blues performers who have performed on our stages over the years. “Here’s to them. And here’s to us. Damn few left. But those few are still golden!”

                 Joe performing at 

The 26th Sopro Blues Revue in Chicago

     Billy v The Jammer

Sopro Blues Revue 2011

         Joe with Doug Lee

The Sopro Blues Revue 2011


"I Ain't Drunk, I'm Just Drinkin'" performed by Sopro's 21st Annual Thanksgiving All*Star Blues Revue Band (2003) featuring Joe Jammer (vocals,guitar), Patrick Doody (drums), Johnny Cosgrove (guitar), John Perillo (keyboards), Tony Caccitolo (percussion), Bill McFarland (trombone), Hank Ford (sax), Kenny Anderson (trumpet), Tony Ferraro (sax) & John Falstrom (bass guitar).


                            27th Sopro All Star Blues Revue 


Sopro All Star  Blues Revue 2009

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