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    Joe's Sporting Theme Songs


            The Chicago Bears 

Lyrics and music by

       Joe Jammer

     CD available at 


The Chicago White Sox

Lyrics and Music by

    Joe Jammer

  CD available at


Go Bears Go, Don't Stop was released in 2007 as a dedication to Joe's favourite Football team The Chicago Bears.

Go Bears Go, Don't Stop


White Sox Victory Song


White Socks Victory Song was written by Joe in support of his beloved White Sox

The Chicago Blackhawks



'Blackhawk Battle Cry' was written by Joe in 2010 as a tribute and in support of his beloved Blackhawks during their victorious Stanley Cup Championship win.


   Blackhawk Battle Cry

          Play Me!

New video celebrating The Chicago Blackhawk's 2015 Stanley Cup Victory

    Joe & The Montreal Canadians











Baseball, Hockey And Joe Jammer Converge At China Club

When one thinks of great Chicago sports bars, the China Club doesn`t immediately spring to mind. But Friday, at least, baseball and hockey buffs just might find the China Club a hot place to hang out. According to local music promoter Bud Monaco of Sopro Inc., players from the Montreal Expos and the Chicago Blackhawks are expected to be in the audience when native South Sider/guitarist Joe Jammer and friends Frank Capek, Ruben Alvarez, Jerry Frank and Mike McCune climb aboard the China Club stage.

What`s the connection between Jammer and the athletes? A onetime regular at local venues ranging from the gone-but-not-forgotten Harlow`s to the still- alive-and-well Connolly`s and P.J. Flaherty`s, Jammer has also globe-trotted as a roadie for Jimi Hendrix and the Who and as a valet for Jimmy Page. Those behind-the-scenes jobs led to playing guitar with British recording artist Maggie Bell, members of Foghat and Procol Harum, French rock star Julien Clerc and French-Canadian pop artist Robert Charlabois.

Eventually settling in Montreal (where Clerc and Charlabois have strong followings), Jammer`s frequent attendance at local hockey games and his reputation around Montreal`s music scene led to his co-writing a team pep song that is now played at every Montreal Canadiens home game. Next thing Jammer knew, he was giving guitar lessons to NHL players from both his hometown (he and Monaco met several Blackhawks stars through mutual acquaintances at Dianna`s restaurant) and his ``home away from home`` (where Jammer lives just down the street from the Montreal Forum).

Then a few members of the Montreal Expos baseball team approached Jammer for lessons-which in turn led to a day job as a groundskeeper for the Expos. Monaco says that Jammer has also ``pitched`` theme-song proposals to both the Expos and our own White Sox. And while the Expos face the Cubs in Chicago this weekend, Jammer`s facing the music at the China Club. We`re not sure which team he`ll be rooting for, but quite a few of his sports pals/students reportedly will be out rooting for Jammer after hours.

 Admission is $25.

June 12, 1992|By Mary Stevens.







English Version

French Version

Joe and The Montreal Expos

Joe with François-Xavier Seigneur, the then Vice President of Marketing for The Montreal Canadians, in the Montreal locker room holding The Stanley Cup in 1986

Let's Go Expos (English)

Let's Go Expos (French)

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