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       Joe Jammer


Laura Pusateri, masseuse to the stars,

Steven Tyler and Joe at  Comiskey Park, Chicago - 1978.

This poster below is from Joe Perry's new book  "Rocks: My life in and out of Aerosmith", showing one of the many times Joe jammed with Aerosmith in the early 70's...

In Aerosmith's biography, "Walk This Way" Joe is mentioned 9 times and given credit for completing the Aerosmith line up by insisting that they bring Brad Whitford into the band instead of Joe himself. Joe, being quite happy at the time being Led Zeppelin's wunderkind with free reign over the London music scene of the 70's. Joe said "Put Brad in your band and you will be the American Rolling Stones". And they were!





Hey Joe, do you remember Joe (Wright) Jammer? I took guitar lessons from him a few years back in Chicago. He told me about you guys, and then showed me his name and stuff in one of your books! He told me all about how he used to know the guys in Led Zeppelin, and that he roadied for Jimi Hendrix. Would like to know if he was for real! EDIT: If any of you guys on here have heard of him, it would be cool to hear from you!
OH yeah. There's no doubt about it. If you get the chance to look at my book, there's actually a hand-drawn poster --
(above) because one summer, he came over from England, and had a band, and actually opened for Aerosmith, so we got to spend some time together, and he was then (and I'm sure he still is) a great blues guitar player.




For further references to Joe Jammer and Aerosmith see Steven Tyler's book

" Does the noise in my head bother you?", and Joe Perry's new book "Rocks: My life in and out of Aerosmith" ... 

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